Stainless Steel Jumbo Slide Under Drink Holder

Our Stainless Steel Jumbo Slide Under Drink Cup Holders are tapered to hold your drinks secure without spilling. These "Vegas Style" cup holders simply slide under a table's padded armrest. Additionally, these slide under cup holders will work standalone - even without tucking them under anything. Because this cup holder is constructed from stainless steel it retains its luster and is both durable and rustproof.

Measures 3.5 inches inside diameter (4 inches including the top lip) x 2.2 inches deep.

Customer Reviews

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Bernard Martinage
Will scratch table, needs to be tweaked.

First, the quality overall is of good intent but the finish (or quality check) is a serious issue.

These 8 cup holders were going on a fossilized sandstone custom table, and if I had not noticed the metal spurs from the poor welding spot it would have translated into thousands of dollars of refinishing the table.

With a Dremel I was able to sand down the burrs. I’ll be happy to email a picture if necessary.

Second, the tongue of the cup is too long. I would only slide partially under the rubber railing that I purchase from this store. So, with a pair of metal shears I trimmed them down. And then Dremel work again to smooth the edge.

Overall the combined products drastically enhanced the look and comfort of the table.

I recommend the products, if you’re okay with inspecting them and finish them.

Perfect for BJ Table at home

More authentic feel of being in a casino with the friendly cup holder that slides under rail. As described picked up a pair.

Karen Sundell
great product

The cup holders are just what we were looking for. Thank you. They are awesome