Roulette Marker - Clear Cylinder w/ Ball on Top

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Our highly discounted casino grade Roulette Markers are used to designate the winning number on the roulette layout. Our markers are produced from solid acrylic. They are available in several different styles to suit your needs and tastes. The cylindrical ball top marker enables easy placement on the correct winning number on your roulette layout.. The base has a diameter of 1 3/16 inch and the height of the piece is 2 3/4 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Boddie
They work

I am a tax accountant in Tennessee dealing with self-employed individuals. The weighs are perfect for holding down small receipts and documents.

Jorge Serna
Just what I needed

If you want your table to look authentic this is the piece you need. This is not glass so no worries of it shattering into a hundred pieces. This acrylic marker seems to be light weight but still manages to balance properly on top of stacks of chips. I actually bought a 2nd one on a separate order as I liked the touch it added to my table. If you don't have a marker I recommended picking one up from the many options available.

Roulette marker

Heavy acrylic ball that reflects the nearby numbers in its globe top.