Raffle Drum - Deluxe Brass "Large"

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We have in stock super low priced deluxe brass raffle drums sized just right for your event!1. Smooth ticket mixing action2. Precision balanced fluid spinning3. Hold approximately 10,000 raffle ticketsOur brass raffle drums are a real traffic builder for trade shows, customer door prizes and point of sale marketing activities. All of our deluxe raffle drums are easy turning and random ticket mixing. These stylish raffle ticket drums are constructed from high quality water resistant elegantly designed brass plated steel, for thousands of spins and secured with a rugged latch. The craftsmanship of this brass raffle drum is superior to that of other standard raffle drums. These brass raffle drums have an attractive pattern and sturdy long life construction. You'll be able to count on high performance operation for years of service. The drum features a 6.25 inch wide drop slot and an easy grip wooden turning handle. The 5.25 by 4.5 inch ticket gate is centered on the raffle ticket drum and is reliably secured with durable latch for easily drawing a winner or loading large volume of tickets. Unit measures 14.5 W x 21 L x 17 H and the stand measures 15.75 x 25 inches. The weight on this item is inflated to reflect the dimensional weight of this item as it is billed through UPS. Dimensional weight is calculated as L * W * H / 166. This item has a dimensional weight calculation (31*19*21)/166 = 74.5 LBS. Its actual weight is only 17 LBS.

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Casa Grande Valley Elks #1957

Very good and quick delivery.

Barry Adelman
Large Raffle Drum

Excellent and with free delivery (very prompt) I was impressed. https://musicforhumanity.org/ will make use of this fine product for many years. Thank you!!

Phyllip Hickman
Excellent equipment

This raffle tumbler, to my surprise, is very light weight but has sturdy construction. It's gold color glitters and has a very professional appearance. The latch on the hatch cover is made in such a way as to make it last for a long time. It's clear to see that this is not a one time use toy. I only wish it had a sturdy carrying case. The cardboard box is not going to last long.