Plexiglas Clip On Drink Holder

Protect your table from unwanted spills with this sturdy Plastic Clip On Drink Holder. These "Vegas Style" Plastic Clip On Drink Holders simply slide over a table's padded armrest. This cup holder has a clear acrylic cup with a black handle and will accommodate any size drink up to 3 inches wide. The inside diameter measures 3.00 inches by 2.50 inches deep.

Customer Reviews

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Nelson Daly
Quality of product is great...but the ACTUAL use...

The design and 'idea' of the clip on cup for the dealer position is pretty great. And the quality, weight, and durability of the lexan-like material are worth while. But ultimately, it will be keeping track of the product on/off the table. The three stars are for use rather than product. If the clip cup has other functions or attachment potential (ie. Perhaps the clip could snap on to other products like a chip tray, or even a good tray...) the use would be greater. But as is, it will too easily be removed or damaged. Again the quality is great.

Great product.

Works great on a boat deck table. Have been looking for something like this for some time.

Better than expected... wish there was a jumbo

I clipped a couple of these onto my make-shift black jack table (a dinning room table about 7/8" thick, and with a table felt layout). It's a snug fit but they survived their first try out. In my configuration (table + cloth), I'm actually using the clip-on cup holders as picnic table clip-ons to keep the layout in place... and it has so far worked great! I am online ordering a couple more.
Downside, there is no jumbo version. It will hold a 12 oz. can or bottle, but a solo cup is barely secure. It's not large enough for stemless wine glasses, tumblers, etc. If that's of no concern, I recommend this product.

Works for me

I was skeptical and read limited reviews on this product. You need more details before ordering this. Look, it works for me as I used it on my Glass Table that has No lip and is 3/8" thick. The unstretched gap on the holder is 1/16" more open than that. But I also have a Speed Cloth & 3/8" foam sheet on top and it fits perfectly.
Now, the clip opening stretches to 3/4" with out much worry of breaking. I was able to put on my card table but the natural gap leaves it loose, might want to fill the gap with something. It can open up as much as 1 inch but I can see if you do this a lot, it could break eventually. I could also see outdoor usage making it more brittle over time. But indoor use, should be fine.