Plexiglas Clip On Drink Holder

Protect your table from unwanted spills with this sturdy Plastic Clip On Drink Holder. These "Vegas Style" Plastic Clip On Drink Holders simply slide over a table's padded armrest. This cup holder has a clear acrylic cup with a black handle and will accommodate any size drink up to 3 inches wide. The inside diameter measures 3.00 inches by 2.50 inches deep.

Customer Reviews

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Great product.

Works great on a boat deck table. Have been looking for something like this for some time.

Better than expected... wish there was a jumbo

I clipped a couple of these onto my make-shift black jack table (a dinning room table about 7/8" thick, and with a table felt layout). It's a snug fit but they survived their first try out. In my configuration (table + cloth), I'm actually using the clip-on cup holders as picnic table clip-ons to keep the layout in place... and it has so far worked great! I am online ordering a couple more.
Downside, there is no jumbo version. It will hold a 12 oz. can or bottle, but a solo cup is barely secure. It's not large enough for stemless wine glasses, tumblers, etc. If that's of no concern, I recommend this product.

Works for me

I was skeptical and read limited reviews on this product. You need more details before ordering this. Look, it works for me as I used it on my Glass Table that has No lip and is 3/8" thick. The unstretched gap on the holder is 1/16" more open than that. But I also have a Speed Cloth & 3/8" foam sheet on top and it fits perfectly.
Now, the clip opening stretches to 3/4" with out much worry of breaking. I was able to put on my card table but the natural gap leaves it loose, might want to fill the gap with something. It can open up as much as 1 inch but I can see if you do this a lot, it could break eventually. I could also see outdoor usage making it more brittle over time. But indoor use, should be fine.