Factory Seconds Casino Dice - Set of 10


Factory Seconds Casino Dice New Irregulars - Set of 10 (Various Colors Available) 3/4 inch razor edge are priced per set of 10.

These are brand new casino dice which have some defects such as imperfect white pips, pin holes, or unfinished surfaces on one or more sides of the dice. These dice have not been factory cleaned and may have some dirt or markings on the dice, however, on most of the dice it is difficult to see any imperfections.

They have never been used, canceled, or marked with a logo or any other marking. Great for home games and casino night companies. Sold in packages of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
What I was hoping for.

I bought 2 packs and got about 5 decent sets. Perfect for practicing grip & shooting casino style dice. Would recommend 10/10

Cody Pritchard
Excess material

Half my dice had excess material on the 3s rendering them unusable

Joey lang
Dice Setting

Love the dice. Arrived on time and great quality casino dice. Will order more!

Marvin Gore

I was asked to return the dice from Jay .but I threw them away so there's no worries.will purchase some where Else

thomas aldridge
Same problems as Daniel Watson

His review has the same complaints as me. Still looking for cheaper dice though.

Daniel Watson, "Not as good as I hoped

Of the dice I purchased, roughly 80% were actually usable. Several of the dice had weird bulges in the pips that were raised above the surface of the dice so much that they wouldn't sit flat and some of the sides of the dice were rough to the point of distraction. The differing sizes of the dice was a little weird but for the purpose of use that wasn't as big of an issue. The biggest problem were pips that were bulged out rendering the dice unusable. The stock photo is probably your best case scenario. I'm unsure I would purchase these again."