Deck of Bingo Calling Cards

Use this special Deck of Bingo Plastic Coated Calling Cards instead of the traditional bingo cage and balls. Economical and designed to either supplement or replace the use of a cage. These cards can be shuffled just like a deck of regular cards. Each card is marked with one of the bingo numbers from B1 to 075! Just shuffle the deck, flip a card, and start calling B -I -N -G -O. Help your residents by showing them the drawn number in addition to calling it out. These plastic coated bingo cards are great for small games or when traveling! Styles may vary. Used for entertainment. Card size: (Same size as a deck of playing cards) 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches. Not intended for gambling purposes.

Customer Reviews

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Damon Webb
Bingo deck

Very nice, very affordable. Fast service. Thank you!

Annette Harper
Great value

Cards were exactly what we were looking for, and the price was great.

Cathy Gustafson
Bingo with Girls Party

Fast delivery, very good quality.

Barbara Latham

Deck of Bingo Calling Cards

So nice I bought them twice

I bought this deck about 15 years ago when I worked summer camp. House burned down 5 years ago. Buying them again as replacement. I like these better than other decks because of the colors for each letter. It makes it easy to quickly go back and verify (or to sort cards if you think you are missing some because campers were using them). 10/10 bought them again. I also recommend boards with the built-in sliders if you deal with large groups of children (50+). Great for rainy days.