Craps Strategy Card

Start saving money by using our Craps Strategy Card and start maximizing your odds, playing with perfect strategy, by making smart bets on every roll of the dice.

Our card provides the craps player with a playing strategy that will keep the House Advantage to about 1% or less. Our strategy cards make a perfect unique and highly useful gift for yourself or anyone you know who enjoys gambling and wants to win more.

Side 1 - Our strategy card provides an easy to follow craps plan which will maximize your odds and have you playing with perfect strategy minimizing the house edge. The card tells you which bets to make according to those bets which have the lowest house percentage. Also noted are which bets never to make under any circumstances shown by the houses odds being over 10%.Craps -

Side 2 - This side of the craps strategy card contains a dice reference chart, showing a pictorial of a craps layout and where all the different bets are placed and what the bets are called.

Strategy Card Features:

  • Maximize your odds / Minimize the house edge
  • Make the statistically correct decision every time
  • Double sided in vibrant color
  • Professionally printed Same dimensions as a credit card
  • Unique gift for any occasion

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edward Clearwater
Handy for review before playing

Great for quick review of my strategy at the table before playing

James Louthan

This card is helpful for figuring out the basic bets.

Jean Redmon

The cards are fine. I have no problem with that. The fact that you are charged $8.95 for essentially 4 credit cards. Outrageous!!!! $28.00 total for the 4 cards plus shipping. What a ripoff.

Zac Cookle
Good info, but small card

This has all you need for the 'average' table. What the bets and odds are, and if they are one roll bets or not. The only issue is the card is the size of a playing card, so the font and everything is very tiny. Would be a perfect 5 if they would have made these slightly larger and easier to see everything. Would still recommend, but you may need to put it right up to your face if you dont have perfect eyesight.

helps to understand the table

Good way to help people, but they need a clue before they even see the card. This is not for person who has no clue, its for someone just starting to get the game to carify