Classic Roulette Layout - LIGHT BLUE


Roulette Table Layout / Roulette Table Felt

An updated take on a classic casino Roulette layout design. This is a traditionally designed LIGHT BLUE professional Roulette layout with some modern twists. This layout features a classic damask background pattern and attention to detail in every way.

  • Approximately 51" x 120"
  • The playing area measures 20" x 48"
  • Water & Stain Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Long-Lasting
  • Brilliant Colors
Fabric Options:

PRO - Casino grade medium weight polyester gaming suede.  Short nap, perfect for card play.  The fabric has a slight give when installing, allowing for an easier stretch on your table.  Extremely wrinkle resistant and ships folded.

MAX - Our ultra-premium heavyweight polyester gaming suede.  Identical surface feel as our PRO fabric, but this fabric is 40% heavier.  The heavier fabric offers greater resistance to wear as well as added dimensional stability.  This fabric is great for all tables, but exceptionally well suited for craps tables.  Must be shipped rolled.

Proudly made in the USA!

*Professional casino layouts are only the fabric that covers the game table.
Layouts do not include railing, chip trays, or any other accessories that may be shown in the pictures above.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Stanwick
The real deal

This is legit quality and not "felt" as commonly known. I got a 3' x 6' neoprene rubber mat 3/16" thick with adhesive backing and made table top "mouse pad" for it... also did one for blackjack... far superior to anything available on web pre-made which are either weird layouts or too big/small.

Ricarly Vargas