Pro Suited Speed Cloth (Sold Per Running Foot) - Solid Black

Pro Suited Speed Cloth is the next evolution in poker table cloth.  Our Pro Series speed cloth features the look you've come to love, but now features a much softer hand "feel".  This is the best speed cloth we've seen or sold!

Our Pro Suited Speed Cloth is 100% polyester and totally waterproof and stain resistant. The tight weave pattern lets your cards fly across the table with the greatest of ease. Made for long-term use and suitable (pun intended) for professional poker rooms.

It's not likely you'll be drinking while playing cards, but if you somehow do spill your drink, this two-tone speed cloth features a waterproof coated backing. Spills just bead up on the surface of the cloth. It cleans up easily without any fuss or mess.

We sell the cloth by the "running" foot and the roll measures 59 inches wide. Simply measure the length of your table and add a foot to allow some extra material to wrap around the edges when installing. If your table is 8 feet long, order a 9 foot piece of cloth. The total size will be be 59 inches, by whatever length (in feet) you order. If you order "9", you'll get a piece of two-tone suited speed cloth 9 feet long x 59 inches wide.

Customer Reviews

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Alissa Oswald

My business wasn’t good enough to discount shipping on one item after being a dedicated customer.

Fantastic cloth at a great price

I bought one foot just to test it against my build ideas. It is super durable, waterproof (it beads up and rolls around instead of soaking in), and easy to clean. This stuff is fantastic when you pair it with the proper padding (also sold here).

The only thing to keep in mind is that the edges are rough (frayed end) so you should expect to use about 56" of its width. It looks like it might be tough to use this for applications requiring wider cloth without showing the edges/seams. I haven't figured out a way to do it without using something to clamp down and hide the connecting edges. A minor problem, and a moot point if your build project is less than 58" wide. For tables, you can use the armrest/border to go over the frayed edge, which also helps keep it in place besides stapling it to the table's underside.

Mitchell Reinitz

Great color, great material.

speed cloth

service with outstanding got what i wanted and delivered as ordered and on time as i was told .
B Hill

Bulk suited speed cloth

This isn't fabric as I thought, it's much tighter, like a very heavy construction paper which probably speaks to the amount of wear it can take and its durability. That said, this stuff is amazing when it's down. My playing surface came out amazing! It's smooth, has the right feel, and for the price (which is crazy affordable here in comparison to lesser fabric at local retail stores) it's worth the buy even after shipping costs. If you're building a table or resurfacing an old one, I highly advise spending the extra coin to grab this speed cloth in one of these colors and patterns. It beats any other surface I've played on. HINT: get a second set of hands to help you staple rounded corners while you use the bi-sect method to pull the fabric under. I have perfect rounded corners with no wrinkles except what's underneath and can't be seen.