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Has the best angle and tip area I could find.

I got the 36" stick and it is very nice and easy to control. The tip configuration appears nicer than my local casino has for it's dealers, go figure. It's about mid price range but I believe it is very good quality.

Very nice new with two jokers

These appear to be professional casino playing cards as advertised. I have purchased quite a few used casino decks and they NEVER seem to have the jockers included. Some of the games we play require the jockers so this is a real good deal (no pun) from Casino Supply.

Very professional

This shoe is very professional in appearance and function. Heavy duty Polymer/plastic material and very attractive. The metal weighted roller and its housing appear to be very tough and should last a long time. I had to use a little silicon on the roller bearing areas as they squeaked a little. Nothing serious.

Craps Strategy Card
Zac Cookle
Good info, but small card

This has all you need for the 'average' table. What the bets and odds are, and if they are one roll bets or not. The only issue is the card is the size of a playing card, so the font and everything is very tiny. Would be a perfect 5 if they would have made these slightly larger and easier to see everything. Would still recommend, but you may need to put it right up to your face if you dont have perfect eyesight.

This is an excellent case. Very sturdy and well built.

Awesome customer service

Had a box delivered with no product. I was an ass when i emailed the situation. And was treated way better than I should of been. They sent a replacement in 3 days. Again my apologies for being as ass. I will order more and advise others to as well

Very strong and sturdy. Reliable. Last forever.

Delta Blue

When I first ordered the DELTA BLUE layout I was thinking it's not as wild and eye catching as most of my tables I build. Boy let me tell you what, people have been craving over that table. It turned out to be a very beautiful table!!

Great service

Thanks for the quick turn around on my order.

Casino Dice

I love the color of the dice and size is good .Very good dice may you will have more colors .
P.S. Glad i found your site.
thanks Ray

Decent Felt

Overall, the felt seems to be pretty good quality. Feels good. Thick. However, I was a bit sad when I realized that new dice start to tear up the felt pretty easily. Right away I started to notice knicks in the felt from the dice being thrown. I know this is somewhat normal, but they seem to be more drastic than I had expected. Not the best felt for sure, but not horrible. Print quality is great

Artwork Services
Will Onstott
Another Home Run By Casino Supply

What can I say, Casino Supply always delivers a top quality product in a very short amount of time. I never have to wait more than a few days for my product. All the custom layout artworks they have done for me are amazing. It's like the design guys are in my head and know exactly what I am wanting. They usually get everything perfect the first time I ask them for something. Great Company to work with!!!

Custom Game Layout
Zac Cookle
Max felt is amazing

The art team was very responsive and easy to work with. The print is INTO the suede, not on top. There is no textural change where any print is and it feels amazing. The colors are vibrant and all print is crisp. If you know kind of what you want, you could prob get your cloth within a week (if there isnt too much back and forth with the art team...who are quick to respond). If i ever decide to retire this print for a new one, i will be back here without hesitation

Craps game

Everything came with the game. My family had a great time. Used the game to teach the game of Craps.

Artwork Services
steve estensen

This is the third custom cloth and they are all so beautiful.
You guys go above and beyond on these cloths. Special thanks to the art team that make it all come together.

Classic Roulette Layout - GREEN

Exterior poorly glued.

As soon as I got the item I was super excited. Was a Great price. I unknowingly tried to lift a side with the edge of the covering and it was pried off. Poorly glued and I will have to glue it myself.

Below Expectation

Unfortunately paying the $15-17 for these I expected something different. They are way slippery and seem a smaller size. They are very plasticky hence the smoothness and zero traction. They will fall apart if slightly push them. Great for shuffling if you can manage to keep them together.

Diamond Rubber

Casino Supply always has professional grade equipmenmt and their customer sewrvice is terrific.

Craps layout

I love the green layout and thanks for the speed that you got my orderr filled and delivered. I’ll be ordering again! Thanks

Custom Game Layout
Carletta Pfirrman
Awesome customer service and products!

I have been in the casino entertainment business for over 22 years and have used a few companies to make my custom layouts for my tables. I wish that I had found them sooner! The last company that I have been dealing with totally sucks in all fields. Casino Supply not only was able to duplicate my custom layouts for me, but they delivered in a week! Their layouts are professional and the same for any casino. Their customer service is top notch. I highly recommend this company!

Custom Game Layout
Derrick Diaz
Couldnt be happier!

The art department was great to work with. They responded to my questions in a timely manner and the end product came out better than i hoped for. Thanks guys.

Awesome product and great service

Shipped fast no strings attached!