Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting Card

Our Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting Card is a blackjack player's dream come true. The laminated, double sided card with rounded corners is the same size as a credit card.

Side 1 - This card covers the possible rule combinations of when to doubling down, when to split, when to stand and when to hit. The rules are all depending upon what the dealer shows and what the players hand is on the first two cards. These strategies are displayed in color-coded decision cells which are very easy to use.

Side 2 - The back of the card contains a Simplified Basic Card Counting Strategy.  About 99% of blackjack players do not use the correct Basic Strategy.

This blackjack strategy card is optimized based on the rules most commonly used on the main strip in Las Vegas. Using proper strategy as outlined in this card can dramatically reduce the house edge to less than 1%, giving you the best possible chance of winning.


  • Maximize your odds / Minimize the house edge
  • Make the statistically correct decision every time
  • Double sided in vibrant color
  • Professionally printed Same dimensions as a credit card
  • Unique gift for any occasion

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect pocket or wallet size

Great for new players to get the hang of strategy!!!


I was very pleased with this purchase because I received exactly what was described on the web site.

Good card for beginners or intermediate to undestand

credit card sized, helps to understand the odds and techniques