Blackjack & Craps Package


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This quality Blackjack and Craps Accessories Set is perfect for home play, and for use in a Monte Carlo night settings! This set includes the following items - a 3' x 6' Vegas two sided felt layout, 4 deck acrylic dealer shoe, 4 decks plastic coated playing cards, four cut cards, 4 deck acrylic discard holder, and 200 multi-colored casino chips, 36" professional dice stick, one on-off lammer and five dice.

Product Features

  • 4 deck acrylic dealer shoe
  • 4 deck discard holder
  • 4 decks playing cards
  • 4 cut cards
  • 3' x 6' Craps/Blackjack double sided felt layout
  • 200 casino chips (colors vary)
  • 4 cut cards
  • Dice stick
  • 1- on-off lammer
  • 5 dice

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