Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Timer


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This Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Timer and Dealer Button with built-in tournament blind timer will keep your game on track and is the perfect accessory for every poker tournament enthusiast. Having the blind timer on the table allows all the players to know how much time is left in the round. It combines the two essential elements of tournament play: It can be passed as a dealer button, and simultaneously, keeps the blind times at your fingertips. The Digital Dealer Button replaces awkward timing devices such as kitchen, stove top and microwave timers. And no more computer-driven software timers!

Product Features: * Make your games more official with this Texas Hold 'em timer * Let this timer help you keep track of your tournament times * Tournament timer removes the need to watch the clock * LCD display with 1/4" tall display * Loud warning alarm * Pause and restart feature * Set blind in five minute increments * Battery included

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