Poker Lammers - Buttons (1.25 Inches)


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Our discounted Poker Lammers - Buttons (1.25 Inches) chip-shaped poker lammers (buttons) are printed with text written on them in gold. They are used to denote an action or inaction of a poker player on one or more of the bets the player is currently making or general information like "absent" when a player is away from his chair.. See our other lammers for dice and our larger 2 and 3 inch pucks.

Popular lammers include: High/Low, High/ Hi-Low, Kill/1/2 Kill, Little Blind, Missed Big Blind, Missed Little Blind, Big Blind, No Player, Absent, Banker, Out, Hold, Reserved, Player, Dealer, Player Returning, Missed Blind, Kill, and All In.

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