Roulette Strategy Card and Money Management Techniques

Start saving money by using our Roulette Strategy Card and start maximizing your odds, playing with perfect strategy, by making smart bets on every spin of the ball. Our strategy cards make a perfect unique and highly useful gift for yourself or anyone you know who enjoys gambling and wants to win more.

Side 1 - Our strategy card shows you every bet that can be made on the roulette table by using a pictorial of a roulette layout and where all the different bets are placed, what the bets are called and the winning payoff of all the bets.

Side 2 - This side of the roulette strategy card contains a good general principle money management reference dialog. It tells you how to maximize your winnings and minimize your loses for almost any of the gambling game. Strategy Card


  • Maximize your odds / Minimize the house edge
  • Make the statistically correct decision every time
  • Double sided in vibrant color
  • Professionally printed Same dimensions as a credit card
  • Unique gift for any occasion

Millions of Americans enjoy recreational gaming and poker, but don't always know how to play well and quickly tire of losing. These strategy cards enable people to play with more skill and confidence. They help provide a more pleasurable experience while offering greater value for their recreational dollars.

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David Blount
Roulette payoff and strategy card

Its aces!!! Quoting Tony Tiger "Their Great"


Excellent advice

this will help you better understand the odds, good card for beginner or intermediate levels