Acrylic Raffle Drum - Deluxe "Medium"

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Our deluxe Acrylic Raffle Drums sized just right for your event! These acrylic raffle drums work great for promotional giveaways! The see-through transparent raffle drums are sure to enhance excitement as attendees watch raffle tickets pile up and rotate inside these raffle drums.


  • 11 inch diameter
  • 13 inch tall
  • 16 inch wide

Our units are fabricated from 1/4 inch and 3/16 inch thick acrylic. The drum spins on a stationary stand, allowing easy tossing or co-mingling of your raffle tickets. The body of this raffle drum has a hinged lid with cam key lock and a large 1/2 inch wide slot for inserting raffle tickets which is balanced to always stay on top when the drum is at rest.  Use these spinning raffle drums for displays, as collection containers for sweepstakes, ballots and price giveaway promotions. clear acrylic drum with sturdy base easy open hinged door with the cam key lock fluid rotation for thorough ticket mixing spins on dual high-quality ball bearings holds up to 5000 tickets

Our standard table top model acrylic raffle drums have been designed to give years of smooth free flowing constant turn operation, while providing a superior mix of tickets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jim Whipple
bought 2 of them

I had one before, had to replace it. I liked it so much I bought 2, 1 for our progressive raffle, and 1 for our 50/50 raffle

Glenn Hammer
Commandant Matine Corps League

Works perfect & Looks Great