Perfect Padded Rail (per ft )

So you need a gaming table railing for your blackjack or poker table? Here's the easiest way to have a Perfect Padded Rail on your tables. Perfect Padded Rail is a tough, dense rubber with a slit in the center, similar to pipe insulation but much more durable.

 It is easily installed by pushing it over the table's edge and stapling through the bottom. Table thicknesses from 3/4 inch to 1 inch work the best. The top of the padded rail will sit on the upper portion of your table to allow for slide under drink cups.

The padded rail diameter is 2.5 inches, and the wall thickness is 5/8 inches. The rail should overlap approximately 1.5 inches over the edge of your table.

*If you purchase a length of Padded Rail greater than 35', we will need to cut it. Please let us know how you would like it cut in the comments section at checkout.
35' maximum per box. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sal Terranova

Biggest piece of garbage. The rail is smaller than a pool noodle and they cut it so unevenly that it can't even be used but I can only return it for 50% refund. So I can either hang on to this useless piece of garbage or I can return it and just throw half of my money away. Terrible product. Terrible company.

DJ Koch
Works great so far

The Perfect Padding rail guard is probably the best alternative out there to an actual leather or vinyl padded rail guard. It has served my needs up to this point, although I do have my long-term concerns about its durability. Nevertheless, a great, affordable option for resting player elbows!

Bernard Martinage
I was a sceptic but I’m now sold!

I was concerned that the 2-1/2” diameter of the tube might look small and that the foam might look cheap.

Not at all! It looks and feels fantastic.

Because the table is stone and also serves other purposes I couldn’t and wouldn’t stable the railing. But what I did instead is use some wide self sticking velcro so I can velcro the two ends together. Looks great, feels great and I can easily instal and uninstal it.

Timothy Reynolds

Fast and easy product with good results

Patrick Kelley

Perfect Padded Rail (per ft )