Perfect Padded Rail (per ft )

So you need gaming table railing for your blackjack or poker table?  Here's the quickest and simplest way to have a Perfect Padded Rail on your tables. This material is a very hard dense rubber which has a slit in the center. You simply push it on the edge of the table (table thicknesses from 3/4 inch to 1 inch work the best) and staple the bottom of the padded rail to the table. The top of the padded rail will sit on the upper portion of your table and is not stapled to allow for slide under drink cups. The padded rail diameter is 2.5 inches and the wall thickness is 5/8 inch. This will allow a comfortable overlap of about 1.5 inches over the edge of your table (on a typical 3/4 or 1 inch table). 

If you need a length of Padded Rail greater than 35', we will need to cut the rail or ship by truck. Please let us know in the comments section how you would like it cut.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Tino Pham
Great rail for rounded tables

This is my 2nd time purchasing this rail. The first lasted me 13+ yrs with no issue or signs of wear. The only reason I replaced it was because I was updating my table and it's relatively inexpensive.

Corey Manke
Best price in town

Great seller. Everything was as advertised.

Great product

For a quick and clean install this rail will be great. It’s not PERFECT, but is absolutely spot on for novice table builders need an easy install railing.

Perfect padded rail

The Perfect padded rail worked perfectly for what I was looking to do. I used on a table with a speed cloth table top and used the padded rail to complete the railing. It completes it perfectly and I now have a table that seats 10 players.

Gerard LeBlanc
Blackjack table

great to work with, so easy.