Pro Two-Tone Suited Speed Cloth - (Sold Per Running Foot) Platinum

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Pro Two-Tone Suited Speed Cloth is the next evolution in poker table cloth.  Our Pro Series speed cloth features the look you've come to love, but now features a much softer hand "feel".  This is the best speed cloth we've seen or sold!

Our Pro Two-Tone suited Speed Cloth is 100% polyester with a waterproof coating and stain resistant. The tight weave pattern lets your cards fly across the table with the greatest of ease. Made for long-term use and suitable (pun intended) for professional poker rooms.

It's not likely you'll be drinking while playing cards, but if you somehow do spill your drink, this two-tone speed cloth features a waterproof coated backing. Spills just bead up on the surface of the cloth. It cleans up easily without any fuss or mess.

We sell the cloth by the "running" foot and the roll measures 59 inches wide. Simply measure the length of your table and add a foot to allow some extra material to wrap around the edges when installing. If your table is 8 feet long, order a 9 foot piece of cloth. The total size will be be 59 inches, by whatever length (in feet) you order. If you order "9", you'll get a piece of two-tone suited speed cloth 9 feet long x 59 inches wide.


Customer Reviews

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Fabric stretches

I've purchased dozens of products from various stores. Unlike any other, this one has stretched when being upholstered onto the playing surface, which was bad for business. Nice looking product, but I'm not happy with the performance.

Nice quality

Very nice quality. It did not come on a roll (even though a bunch of reviews stated that it would) but fortunately there were no creases to worry about

Ken Merwin
Casino Supply Speed Cloth

The two-tone speed cloth from Casino Supply is of the highest quality that we’ve ever seen. In addition to the quality, the service from the company, it came rolled as opposed to folded which I’ve been told can happen with Amazon. Try getting folds and creases out of your cloth. The product is great and the company is great.

William Abene
Third Card Table

We have a Green table, and a Red table that we use weekly. I am now building the Grey table. The first two were eight sided and 54 inches in diameter (flat side to flat side). The new table will be seven sided and the distance to the table center will also be 27 inches. These dimensions have been limited by the padding and cloth width of 59 inches. It is working well and I am very happy with your products and service.

Richard Bracher
Suited Speed Cloth

The product is always excellent. Made a few purchases over the last 10 years. Service is always exceptional. Thanks.