Poker Table Rail Foam Strip 70 Pound 1" x 9" x 105"

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Poker table rail foam 1 inch x 9 inch wide x 105 inches long 70 lb. - 1.3 density charcoal grey polyurethane foam, perfect for custom poker table padded rails. To install on railing, apply foam over wood surface and use adhesive spray 50-0055 between the wood surface and foam. Apply adhesive to both foam and table to ensure proper adhesion. Apply vinyl over the foam to complete the railing. Product Features * Poker table top padded rail foam * 1 inch 70 lb. 1.3 density foam * For custom built poker table railing * Apply adhesive to foam and table

Customer Reviews

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Great Foam, Don't Underorder

Foam is great. Has good give to it, but holds its shape well. Was easy to install and upholster. You need 3 of these to go around a standard 4x8 oval table rail.

I would recommend adhering the loose ends of each strip together very well first, as this will help avoid having noticeable seams. It won't be entirely avoidable though, so plan accordingly.

Personally I would go with one full size sheet of foam next time.

Bill Farinas

Made very well and was just what we needed.

Scott Forester
As advertised

Two of these covered the rails for a table just under 6'x4' oval. I had raised rails about 5" wide and the width was perfect. I stapled it down before putting the vinyl over the top and the staples held much better than I expected at the edge of the foam.

Steven Martin
Quick and easy

Keep up the good work.

Randy Helms
Decent foam, but not for a poker table rail

This foam is great quality, but when covering a poker table rail this isn't the best product due to the seams. I sprayed and glued the seams as much as possible, but you can still feel the seams in the finished product. Thankfully this isn't much of an issue with my table as the seams are in locations that people will not be sitting all too often, due to the dimensions of the table. I would recommend getting a single sheet of foam and then cutting it off the rail after it has been glued.