Folding Poker Table Top - 52 Inch

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Here is our Deluxe 52 Inch Folding Poker Table Top. We've had several different styles of poker table tops over the years, but this is the best yet. This table measures 52 inches measured from corner to corner and features a built in cup holder and chip slots for each of the 8 player positions and has a drink coaster at each spot too. The built-ins for cups and chip racks will not fall out like some of the older table tops.

Our favorite thing about this table is that it isn't made of the typical fiber-board material that you usually see. This table is all injection molded plastic with the back of the table completely made of a sturdy ABS plastic which is much preferred over wood as it will last almost indefinitely. The table even has hand grips molded into the back for easy carrying.

Includes a black zipper carry case with shoulder strap.