Custom Game Layout


So you don't want your table to have the "off the rack" look? No problem! We specialize in printing custom casino table felts and can assist you in creating the table felt you're looking for.

All new custom layout orders are subject to a one-time artwork setup fee, starting at $50.

Have a design you want to send us?  You can email our art department here

Our printing equipment is state of the art, high definition, dye sublimation suitable for long-term professional use. We offer our custom printing services to established casinos, casino night companies, custom game developers, and gambling enthusiasts all over the country.

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The design possibilities are only limited by your imagination! The casino fabric is a blank canvas, ready to print whatever you want. We can print any colors, background images or patterns, or add any text. *Unfortunately, we are unable to print any graphics or logos that are restricted by trademark or professional licensing without prior authorization.  This includes most popular game side bets.

We offer custom layouts in the following sizes:

  • 4' (Up to 56" x 51")
  • 5' (Up to 68" x 51")
  • 6' (Up to 80" x 51")
  • 7' (Up to 92" x 51")
  • 8' (Up to 104" x 51")
  • 9' (Up to 116" x 51")
  • 10' (Up to 128" x 51")
  • 12' (Up to 152" x 51")
  • 14' (Up to 176" x 51")

Our professional felts are printed on 100% polyester gaming suede, developed specifically for the casino industry. It offers a soft nap and comfortable playing surface designed to provide long-lasting durability. these high-quality felts are water and stain-resistant as well as fire-retardant. If you need any assistance with your custom game layout order, give us a call and speak with one of our design specialists at 800-789-2101.

Fabric Options:

PRO Microsuede - Casino grade medium weight polyester gaming suede.  A short nap, perfect for card play.  The fabric has a slight give when installing, allowing for an easier stretch on your table.  Extremely wrinkle resistant and ships folded.

MAX Microsuede - Our ultra-premium heavy weight polyester gaming suede.  Same great surface feel as our PRO fabric, but this fabric is 40% heavier.  The heavier fabric offers greater resistance to wear as well as added dimensional stability (won't stretch).  This fabric is great for all tables, but exceptionally well suited for craps tables.  Must be shipped rolled.

Speed ClothOur custom poker speed cloth is similar to our stock "suited" speed cloth, but is a heavier weight and does not have the heart, diamond, club, and spade pattern woven into the fabric.  Instead, it has a smooth playing surface without any distractions to conflict with your custom artwork.  Additionally, it has a slight sheen that gives the printing a brilliance that is truly spectacular!

Typical production time is 5-7 business days after artwork has been approved. RUSH orders are often available based on your needs. If your order is time-sensitive, please contact a salesperson to discuss your options.  Must be shipped rolled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I just received the most beautiful custom poker layout from Casino Supply! Jay was great at helping me with the artwork design. Highly recommended!

Fantastic Quality and Service - Poker Table Custom Felt

The company was fantastic to work with and the end result was an amazing product. Can't recommend this place enough.

Custom Blackjack Table Cover

Very happy with the product

Best Custom Felts & Service!

I have been doing business with casino supply for over ten years and have ordered custom table felts before, I would have to say that these are the best looking by far! There's two main reasons why? A - Listening to your customer and B - Always upgrading your printing equipment.
Keep up the great work, Casino Supply!!

Create your own layout for home use!

I ordered a custom European-style Chuck-a-Luck layout for home use on a six-foot folding table, to augment my collection of other standard blackjack, roulette, etc. wool layouts. It is larger than the usual layouts and made of finer water-resistant material, but when used on top of a standard layout (for cushion) it is perfect, has an excellent pattern and feel. It is easy to fold for storage and needs no ironing. You could cut off the extra white border material but I haven't bothered, why mess with a good thing? Buy nice or buy twice!
The staff that I worked with were fast, friendly, and thorough. I'm told my custom layout is available for anyone to purchase, so if you have a chuck-a-luck cage or three big dice, ask to see this classy layout.