New Casino Playing Cards - 12 Pack

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We've obtained a limited and rare supply of these cards. This 12 pack consists of playing cards that have NEVER been used or opened at a Casino. These cards do not have a hole drilled or cropped corners. These are standard 52 card decks, suitable for almost every game. We get these cards from the manufacturer when a Casino has closed, changed their logo or wants a different color card.

You can enjoy the actual cards made for a licensed casino in your home game. High quality cards from casinos are great for collectors especially these new uncancelled cards. These types of cards are always a limited edition.

Poker Size - 2.5 x 3.5 inch Casino Quality Pro Linen Finish

Customer Reviews

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Very nice new with two jokers

These appear to be professional casino playing cards as advertised. I have purchased quite a few used casino decks and they NEVER seem to have the jockers included. Some of the games we play require the jockers so this is a real good deal (no pun) from Casino Supply.

Pauline Semski
Casino playing cards

I was very pleased with my purchases. These were new unopened decks including jokers. After making a purchase from another source
their so called casino cards contained NO jokers. They were a big disappointment. I have never seen a deck of playing cards without jokers. The company was deceitful. But Casino Supply had full decks of beautiful cards at a reasonable price and I will not hesitate to look to them for any future purchases.

tyler barnes


David Goldberg
Just what I wanted.

I do magic for a hobby and like using casino decks for certain effects. There are plenty of casino decks available but trying to find ones that were not canceled was difficult. But no more.

John Long
Good deal

Really good deal on really good cards