Bingo Shutter Slide Cards (5-Ply) Wood Grain Finish

With our deluxe transparent red plastic slide window Finger-tip Wood Grain Bingo Shutter Slide Cards, a flick of the finger marks the number and are great additions to your bingo event. Great for bus trips, school events, company picnics, family reunions, or other places where you don't want to mess with chips or daubers. Each Card Measures 6.75 x 7.5 inches. Numbers are 1/2 inch high. Made of extra durable 5-ply cardboard with no duplicate cards up to 3,000 cards.

Customer Reviews

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Selecting error on my part…

Hi, I should’ve chosen a higher price card as this special priced 1 is not a good choice! After moving into sr highrise I connected with Bingo group there & they had very used cards…As a nice gesture I ordered 30, hoping it was a good replacements. My 2 kinda warped & 1 the front & back separated. I super glued them together, tricky with lil red doors. I did not return cards as the s/h is nearly cost of items…Now group uses old soiled cards as they r still stronger in comparison! It was the ,thought that counts’ & I am taking full blame 4 going 4 a ,bargain’. Ty for asking, kind regards. Monika

Arrena Landsmamm
Bingo cards

THey are perfect for our Bingo group at the Senior Center.

Elizabeth Broderick

Very happy with the cards

Elon Osby
BINGO Cards with Slides

No complaints from the seniors about the cards. I think those were perfect too…self-contained “operation”, no need for chips or markers. The delivery time was great - sooner than I expected.

Joanne Nelson
Shutter bingo cards

Cards are easy to use for fund raising event. Prompt customer service and a great price.