Wood Octagon Carousel & 200 7.5 Gram Poker Suited Poker Chips


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This is a beautiful high end Wood Carousel with 200 Poker Chips which looks like it belongs in a classy library. The carousel base is covered with black suede. The handle is produced from brass and is securely screwed to the carousel. This carousel will hold 25 casino sized chips in each of its 8 slots for a total capacity of 200 chips. There are also recessed spaces for two decks of playing cards. This carousel is made from solid wood and built to last a lifetime. Measures 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 4 inches With this carousel is included 200 of our solid color Poker Suited Chips. These poker chips are 7.5 gram weight, weighing slightly less than standard casino chips. They are available in solid colors and feature the word POKER engraved four times around the rim of the chips with a heart, diamond, club, or spade between each word.200 piece sets are good for up to 3 players.An advantage of using chips with no printed value is that you can assign the value you prefer to different colors. In addition to colors below available colors are: green, yellow, black and purple.Product features: 100 White, 50 Red and 50 Blue poker chips Wood carousel (holds 200 chips) 200 7.5 grams casino poker chips 39mm clay composite chips Poker Suited Design Solid Color Design

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