Professional Rubberized Bingo Set (Ping Pong Style Balls)

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This Professional Bingo Set (Ping Pong Style Balls) includes a large bingo cage with a wood handle. The high quality fully rubberized cage ensures less wear on bingo balls and quieter operation over non rubberized cages.

It measures 11 inches in diameter by 7.5 inches wide and is 19 inches tall. The bingo master board is a sturdy hard white plastic and measures 16.5 inches wide by 20.5 inches long.

The set also includes 75 professional 1.5-inch ping pong size bingo balls. Commonly used at lodges, large family gatherings, senior centers, and retirement facilities for entertainment purposes. This set is very high quality, long lasting and value priced.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Buerkert
Cracked Coating

The red plastic coating was chipping upon arrival. I was crunched for time and did not have time to return the frame. Not a huge deal, but it will worsen after many uses.

Betty Brooks
Professional Rubberized Bingo Set (Ping Pong Style Balls)

The first shipment was damaged by UPS but when I contacted your company and sent the pics to you, you resent the bingo machine without any questions. I am very happy with the product itself and your customer service is beyond excellent. I would order again, and I will tell people about you and your stores.

Kathy Patterson
Bingo set review

My adult disabled daughter likes the size of the ball numbers, she can see them better. My husband and daughter like that the balls are quieter in the cage. Our daughter wears a BAJA and so sounds are amplified, along with voices.
The distressing part, is that one of the "feet" broke off immediately, very cheaply welded together as it was. The foot with the rubber pad on the bottome was bent from shipping, as I attempted to adjust it, it broke right off, chipping the red paint. I did not call, or try to return the set, as my daughter had already waited longer than her patience was tolerating, for her new Bingo set. She could no longer read the #'s on her old set . We were disappointed in quality of the product.
On a good note, all her Bingo players like the red cage!


Very sturdy and elegant - the balls are light and the numbers legible.