Oak 300 Chip Poker Case


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This is our quality Oak 300 Chip Poker Case sure to please any poker enthusiast. This wood stained chip case shows the character of the wood grain both in the case and in the three 100 capacity chip trays. Below the chip trays is a fairly large area for storing several decks of cars and various buttons or lammers. Each chip tray is removable from the chip case and holds 100 chips. This makes the case even more versatile, since you can transport the individual chip trays wherever you may need them. Players can even use them for organization at the table. The outside of the case is further accentuated with brass latches to ensure that the case doesn't accidentally open. The solid oak handle is securely fastened for years of use. Don't be fooled by lower quality cases. We have taken great care to ensure this case has the upgraded strength where required.

Measures 12.5in. x 8.5 in. x 3.25 in.

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