Faux Alligator 300 Poker Chip Case

Here is our great deal on a deluxe executive-style 300 Chip Faux Alligator Poker Case. This ultra high quality poker case offers a very expensive look combining both quality hardwood with simulated alligator vinyl exterior plus adding a high end velvet interior finish.This case really outshines any other case we offer and would be a perfect gift for any poker player. This stylish briefcase design contains 12 slots with solid wooden lined dividers holding 25 chips each and an area for two decks of cards. The fully lined suede interior of the case is outfitted with handsome brass latches, hinges and a handle which is securely fastened for years of use. Don't be fooled by lower quality cases. We have taken great care to ensure this case has the upgraded strength where required.

Product Features:

  • Holds 300 standard size poker chips and 2 decks of cards
  • Measures 12 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 3 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Cardenas
Exterior poorly glued.

As soon as I got the item I was super excited. Was a Great price. I unknowingly tried to lift a side with the edge of the covering and it was pried off. Poorly glued and I will have to glue it myself.

It's soooo Pretty... but the covers are peeling off.

I love the look, but the covers partially separated from the case immediately. I have used Gorilla Clear glue to repair them and am hopeful it stays together. It's been a few months and it seems to be holding. It has no padding inside, so transporting chips in it gets them shuffled around a bit if you carry it by the handle.
If I didn't like the look of it so much, I would be sending it back, but it's just too pretty!!

Pretty, but you'll need glue!

I love the look, but the cover was separating from the plastic box on ALL corners! I got some Clear Gorilla Glue and clamps and repaired it because I liked it that much! It was too pretty to return! I'll see how it holds up! Inside, it's luxurious and holds the chips perfectly and secure, as well as two boxed decks of cards. Everyone at the cash gamed loved the look of it too! It's a keeper, even with the flaws.