Dice Tops and Bottoms (Missouts) 1,3,5 & 2,4,6


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Tops and Bottoms also known as "tees" or "misspotted" are dice that have only three numbers represented on each die (each number will be represented on two faces of the die). This set of 16mm (5/8 inch) acrylic dice called Missouts, 3 Way 6, 3 Way 7, Busters or Bust Out are dice fixed against the shooter. The favor the "wrong" bettor - the one that say the shooter will lose. This set consists of 2 standard dice, two (1-3-5) and one (2-4-6). The best bet is the 6 followed by the 4 or the 8. It is possible to lose with a 2 on the first roll. Using 3 Way 7 (Busters/Bust Out), the best bet is 7 followed by the 5 or the 9. (For Amusement Only)

Category: trick dice

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