Casino Poker Table Waterproof Suited Speed Cloth (Sold Per Running Foot) Ice Blue


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Ice Blue is one of our newer colors of suited speed cloth and has been super popular!

Beautiful Poker Table Waterproof Suited Speed Cloth at a low discount price for your game room table. Build your table with the best cloth available. Suited Speed Cloth is the number one choice for poker table felt used today!

Liquids just bead up on the fabric, they do not soak in. Any spills are easily cleaned up. This fabric is sold by the running foot and the roll measures 59 inches wide.  For example if you purchase '8' units, you'll receive a piece of cloth 8 feet long by 59 inches wide.

Full Roll - 164 feet (50 meters)

PATTERN: Features a repeating Heart, Diamond, Spade, and Club pattern to them. Each Heart, Diamond, Spade and Club is inside a repeating diamond shaped outline that is 1 1/4" Inch X 1 1/4" Inch square.

59 inches wide (sold by the running foot)

100% Polyester

Category: suited speed cloth

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