Delta Holdem Layout - BLUE


Texas Hold 'Em Poker Layout / Felt

The Delta Blue Texas Hold'Em poker felt will elevate your game to the next level!  This layout features our exclusive geometric background pattern helping to minimize signs of wear and add a touch of class to your poker table.  The betting line will clearly identify player bets and keep your game in check!  

Fabric Options:

PRO - Casino grade medium weight polyester short nap gaming suede.  The fabric has a slight give when installing, allowing for an easier stretch on your table.  Extremely wrinkle resistant and ships folded.

MAX - Our ultra-premium heavyweight polyester gaming suede.  Identical surface feel as our PRO fabric, but this fabric is 40% heavier.  The heavier fabric offers greater resistance to wear as well as added dimensional stability.  Must be shipped rolled.

SPEED CLOTH - Our ultra-premium polyester (unsuited) speed cloth.  Perfect for pitching cards and smooth sliding.  Offers the sharpest print quality and most vivid colors of any fabric option we offer.  Must be shipped rolled.

Easy cleanup!  All of our fabrics are spill and stain resistant as well as fire-retardant.

8' layout measures 51 in x 101 in and features a 14 in x 54 in bet line.
9' layout measures 51 in x 114 in and features a 16 in x 72 in bet line.

    • Water & Stain Resistant
    • Fire Retardant
    • Long-Lasting Brilliant Colors
    • Proudly made in the USA!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Poker table felt

    Very nice design, but it arrived with dirt all over it. Was obviously dropped on a very dirty floor. The dirty side is the back, and the design side itself is very nice. However it will take much effort to clean as the adhesive will not properly attach with the amount of dirt on the white backing side. The one I ordered was the 9 by accident. Have re-ordered the 8, hopefully it will be clean on arrival.

    Great looking layout, the speed cloth shows a lot of wear.

    This layout is very clean and very professional, but the only problem is that the Speed Cloth variation is not very durable. Very small holes in the cloth will cause lines to form in the cloth, and will overtime degrade in visual quality because of this. Installation is also more difficult when it comes to preventing bubbles because the cloth is not very stretchable.

    steve estensen
    Poker cloth

    Another excellent cloth.i have bought 3in the past and they are all awesome.
    I highly recommend them.
    Thanks again.

    Will Onstott
    Delta Blue

    When I first ordered the DELTA BLUE layout I was thinking it's not as wild and eye catching as most of my tables I build. Boy let me tell you what, people have been craving over that table. It turned out to be a very beautiful table!!

    Randy Bone
    Beautiful But

    I wanted a different style than the typical suited pattern and chose the Blue Delta Speedfelt. I went with the most expensive option because I wanted the best felt available. My biggest issue is that the table shows marks after a single game that will not come out. The cards slide great and it looks amazing but, the durability looks to be a major concern. Also, the felt is very thin and the Super 66 spray adhesive I used came through in a couple of spots. I've replaced the felt on a few tables over the years and never had this issue. The standard suited cloths are thicker and don't let glue or liquid penetrate through the felt. If using this felt again I would just glue a foam batting down and not the felt. The bottom line is this looks great, feels great, and the cards slide perfectly but, I will probably have to redo it in a year or so.