Harrahs Rincon New Uncancelled Casino Playing Cards


We've obtained a limited and rare supply of these cards. This deck consists of playing cards that have NEVER been used or opened at a Casino. These cards do not have a hole drilled or cropped corners. These are standard 52 card decks, suitable for almost every game. We get these cards from the manufacturer when a Casino has closed, changed their logo or wants a different color card. They do not come up very often. You can enjoy the actual cards made for a licensed casino in your home game. High quality cards from casinos are great for collectors especially these new uncancelled cards. These types of cards are always a limited edition. 

These cards might not work will all No-Peek card readers.


Poker Size - 2.5 x 3.5 inch
Casino Quality
Made by Gemaco in the USA
Pro Linen Finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Donald Ingram

Exactly what I wanted!

Dawn Orlando
Quick Turn Around

These didn't take long to arrive at my door. I run a poker game table for our bowling leagues and using different color decks comes in handy!

David Goldberg
Just what I wanted

I do magic for a hobby and sometimes I would need uncanceled casino cards for certain card tricks. They are very tough to find but now that I know about Casino Supply I've got a great source for authentic casino decks. I've already placed 2 orders. Plus some of the decks have fun Joker designs.

Dale, PHX AZ
Best Value "No Peek" Cards around

This is cool item - purchased the Teal color and would buy them again for our 6-deck shoe games at home. This is quality stuff that is meant for the real games on the casino floor - nice cardstock, linen texture/feel.
Adds a nice professional touch with the black No Peek corners on the high cards - if you're fortunate enough to afford the No Peek reader than these would be the perfect pair.
I have a few decks of recent Riviera standard index cards from Gemaco, and are very cheap and hard to read. I guess that might speak for the Riviera Las Vegas casinos, but I digress. These Harrahs Gemaco's are TOP quality, and great to read with the jumbo index.
Would not hesitate to buy these again - I'm sure they will last for many games to come. Only wish shipping was more cost effective - as you could put six of these in a small flat rate box via USPS and call it a day, vs $8.99 as per CasinoSupply. Would love to see a change in this for the smaller items!